TMS - Transition Management Services, Inc.


Transition Management Services, Inc. (TMS) is a Puerto Rican consulting and services firm dedicated toTMS - Andrés Pagan the continuous improvement of organizations, groups and individuals through facilitating transition and evolution processes.

The firm is inspired by a set of values highlighted by the belief in:

  • Absolute commitment with the success of our clients, which in the end is also the success of the firm…

  • Continuous improvement of systems and processes as a fundamental element of individual and organizational evolution and progress…

  • Abundance mentality that affirms the existence of  sufficient riches and resources for all who seek a common goal…

  • And professional ethic, which translates into respect and compliance of laws and accepted norms/practices of social relations, fiduciary responsibility and contractual obligations.

TMS was born out of an identified need to serve its target market with a variety of services consistent with present realities. We design and apply the services to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations. This variety, flexibility in program design and unquestioned desire to serve is what made the TMS concept successful since its inception.

As organizations, groups and individuals transition and evolve, TMS will be there to add value to these processes.

Transition Management Services, Inc.
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